Tally Pal (iOS)

(Development has ceased on Tally Pal for the iOS platform, and it is not longer available from the App Store.)

Tally Pal is a simple, reliable and customizable tallying app you can count on!

Screenshot of Tally Pal Screenshot of Tally Pal

Tally Pal allows you to easily enumerate any quantifiable thing! A universal app, Tally Pal works just as well with people, points, pushups, pigs, peaches, prayers,  pencils or panda bears. Behold the incredible features that make Tally Pal the ultimate counting application:

Screenshot of Tally Pal Screenshot of Tally Pal

  • Save multiple tallies, in single or double varieties, colored from a selection of lovely hues.
  • Multitouch! Count rapidly with multiple fingers.
  • Gestures! Swipe down to subtract, or down then up to reset. Do you prefer buttons? You can use those too.
  • Alerts! Need to know when you’ve reached 1000 thingies or at every 24 whatchamacallits? Set an alert and never miss a number again!
  • Dark mode for going easy on the eyes during those late-night counting sessions. What are you counting so late at night? That’s your business.
  • Conveniently share one or more tallies via e-mail, text message, clipboard, or many other options.
  • Designed from the ground up in Swift to run natively in iOS 8 for reliable performance and fast reaction.

Tally Pal incorporates sounds from freesound.org, edited with Audacity.


Tally Pal is currently only compatible with iOS 8.1 and above.

The Multitouch functionality and Zoom Accessibility feature do not play well together. For best performance, either disable Multitouch in Tally Pal’s menu, or disable Zoom in your device’s Settings->General->Accessibility->Zoom.

Any issues or questions, please e-mail kenneth(at)kennethmoodie.com