Modelling Horn

Because I’m really trying to get in the spirit of the user’s head as their primary controller, I’ve gone ahead and started modeling a small variety of “launchers” to place on the user’s virtual forehead. I think I may allow them to switch between a few options or remove it entirely if desired.

The obvious first choice is a unicorn horn, and here is my first attempt at modeling a low-poly one, or using Blender pretty much at all. Not bad for someone whose last shot at actual modeling took place on an SGI Indigo2.

First attempt at modeling unicorn horn.

Texturing and figuring out the UVs will have to come later. Doing all this stuff myself really makes me once again appreciate all the artists who made far more complex things than this on a daily basis.

Got a lot of help on how to create the shape I was looking for from this discussion on modelling onion domes: