Using a Skybox in VR was easier than I imagined. I had concerns that the ability to perceive depth would allow the user to see the box as a cube, but it all appears infinitely distant, as far as I can tell.

As for the image, there are plenty of starry night skyboxes available on the asset store. First try was a free fantasy skybox with gorgeous clouds. The fantasy skybox looked great, but having static clouds on the skybox looks worse in VR than it usually does. Not only is it apparent that the clouds and stars at at the same distance, I can’t have static clouds if the user is going to be staring primarily at the sky!

I now have purchased a skybox starter pack with a variety of plain day and night skyboxes and went with a clear starry night with supermoon.. So, I must figure out a method for making dynamic clouds that works on mobile. Scrolling UVs should do the trick if I can get that to work with a transparent shader. I’ll cover it in another entry.