I’m not back on it. I’m still on it.

After having unfortunately been the target of my first workforce reduction in many years, I feel compelled to update my blog once more. Here it is, an update!

I’m working on a project for the PlayDate console.

Maybe it’s a bit of an extreme change, going from full-body motion tracked virtual reality environments to a tiny monochrome handheld (the entire console is smaller than the cartridges for some I’ve owned), but I really enjoy working within unusual restrictions, as well as unusual input methods, and build/deploy times of about 5 seconds is a breath of fresh air from needing to literally suit up to test changes. The first games I ever developed were in black and white, so it seems fitting to return.

My first project, to learn about Playdate development and more advanced Lua scripting, is very similar to the one I used to familiarize myself with iOS development, Swift, and Xcode respectively: Tally Pal! (2?) The Playdate’s crank control corresponds nicely to the dial on mechanical tally counters, so it seemed a fitting choice. Also, it’s not especially complicated. Although, if the previous version is any indication, I’m sure I’ll find ways to make it extra.

So far I have set up my development environment and a version of source control more sophisticated than my past “save a copy on a USB stick when it reaches a stable version” method.

Of course, because I have a suspicion that studios won’t be clamoring for developers familiar with a boutique console, I’m also trying a few experiments in Unity VR. Unreal has been my engine for the past few years, so it’ll be good to refamiliarize myself.

No promises on an update schedule. I have no illusions of a dedicated readership that has been patiently awaiting new posts and this blog is mostly a method to organize my own thoughts, but if there are any updates, this is where they will be found.