Tally Pal 1.0

After a few bug fixes and adjustments, there is a Tally Pal 1.0 for Playdate:


There’s a lot more I’d like to do with it, but at this point it’s fun to use and if someone needs to keep a tally of something and have only a Playdate at hand, this is absolutely their best bet. I can feel the urge to turn this into a forever project taking hold, so I had to get a complete version out into the world. It was a fun challenge, but I have other things to learn and I don’t foresee myself spending enough time with it to take it to the places I imagine.

Look, it’s got an itch.io page and everything. If anyone happens to try it out, I hope you find it enjoyably useful and welcome feedback and bug reports via itch.io or e-mail at TallyPal at this domain dot com.